Sculpture in reclaimed timber, giving old wood new life, shaping timber to convey the vibrancy of life and movement. "carving in wood is a passion, making sculptures is my way of celebrating life."
(Each sculpture image can be rotated by dragging the mouse left and right when over the image.)

UNTITLED (2019), 31x31x24cm,
Oak, limed (plus turquoise acrylic paint)

TURBINE (2019), 40x38x23cm,
Oak, limed (plus cobalt blue acrylic paint)

PEACE (2019), 69x54x14cm, Poplar, limed

WITEK (2019), 33x16x10cm,
Birch ply and red gesso

Private collection

CUMULUS (2019), 31x23x10cm, Burr Pine

ANIMAL HEAD (2018), 30x30x32cm, Limed Oak

HEAD (KARYATIDE) (2018), 34x26x19cm, Plum

CHAP OF THE OLD BLOKE (2017), 36x17x23cm, Limed Oak

HOMAGE TO HM (2017), 35x25x19cm, Plum

SUMO (2016), 47x49x41cm, Burr Walnut

TORUS IV (Germination) (2016), 24x30x25cm,
burr cornus (plum)

TORUS III (Revolution) (2016), 23x23x15cm,
burr cornus (plum)

Torus II (Salvation) (2016), 24x24x8cm,
burr cornus (plum)

SWAN (2015), 50x33x9cm, Oak