Sculpture in reclaimed timber, giving old wood new life, shaping timber to convey the vibrancy of life and movement. "carving in wood is a passion, making sculptures is my way of celebrating life."
(Each sculpture image can be rotated by dragging the mouse left and right when over the image.)

AQUILA (2015), 50x73x33cm, Oak

Private collection

TORUS I (Evolution) (2015), 24x23x14cm,
Limed Oak

TOUCH (2014), 45x60x30cm, Oak on a charred pine base

SPLASH (2014), 45x40x50cm, Willow(?)

PASADOBLE (2014), 41x36x22cm, Cherry

SHELTER (1989-2013), 54x46x46cm, Elm

DELTA (2013), 17x20x25cm, Oak

INTIMACY FBI (2013), 112x50x45cm, Walnut

27x33x33cm, Pine

STANDING FIGURE (2012), 110x17x14cm, Walnut

RACHEL (2012), 30x20x8cm, Gesso on Ply

Private collection

SCREWTAPE (2011), 50x19x25cm,

TORSO I (2011), 75x46x23cm, Walnut

LORD OF THE DANCE (2007-11),
43x28x17cm, Burr Oak

ZOSIA II (2010), 42x24x14cm, Gesso on Ply

ZOSIA I (2009), 42x24x14cm, Gesso on Ply

SELF-PORTRAIT (2009), 42x27x12cm,
Gesso on Ply

UNENLIGHTENED (2009), 23x22x19cm, Oak

WAVE BOWL (2008), 21x35x24cm,
Burr Oak

METAMORPHOSIS (2006), 24x19x19cm,

Private collection

GRACE (2004), 53x38x15cm, Cedar

Private collection