I have been making art works all my life and sculpting full time since 2008. I have worked in various media, but mainly use natural timber which I have reclaimed - giving old wood new life.

As a sculptor I revel in the variety of colour, texture and grain/pattern that timber provides. Each piece of wood is unique, defined by its nature and growth - its movement through life. I endeavour to bring out the intrinsic beauty in the material as an integral part of each piece

For me, carving in wood is a passion. I see it as an expressive art form, shaping timber to convey the vibrancy of life and movement. I try to capture the essence of the subject, be it abstract or representational, and endow my sculptures with an expressive life of their own, working with and for the life expressed in the wood itself.

I use chance a lot in composing the forms to create shapes and effects that I couldn’t consciously construct. Inspired by nature I work directly, responding intuitively to the wood, space and time. I generate shapes while investigating the forms within the timber itself - the subject is often derived from natural forms of and/or within the wood.

Carving satisfies me because I enjoy the physical activity and because of the way in which ideas and challenges I encounter emerge during the process of creating. This collaboration between me and the material gives the completed piece a life of its own.

For me making sculptures is my way of celebrating life.